Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nope... I refuse to admit I have a shopping problem!

FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!  I ran out of closet space for my dresses.  Now that you have read those first two sentences, please don't think I am completely vain.  Some think I have a shopping problem and I refuse to admit I have one.  I like to think of it as a hobby.  Yes,  a shopping hobby! 

The thing is, when I am out looking around I dont see just a shirt, or pant or scarf.  I see the whole canvas of art that I want to make my master piece and I get inspired.  However, my inspiration has left me with very little room.  So, the person that I am will find a solution to any problem.   I create my own space.  All I needed was some ribbon and a curtain rod.  Simple!
 First, hang ribbon from ceiling. Then measure both sides and make a knot.  You want to make sure both sides knots are the at the same length so your rode wont be crooked.

 Then loop through your curtain rod.  I made a little bow because they're just too cute!
Lastly, place the clothes you want on.  I also added an additional center ribbon for support.
One other thing I did was take out my closet doors and hang curtains with some pull backs.  This gave me more room without having lost space when the doors are open.

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